This movie takes us to the ocean coast of Mexico. “To the Sea” (“Alamar”, Mexico 2009) is is a debut of the Mexican director Pedro González-Rubio in the feature film genre. Image eludes unambiguous classification, because blurs the line between classic feature film and documentary.
The movie cannot be classified explicitly as it blurs the line between feature and documentary film. It is a kind of a movie essay of an exceptionally pure and simple expression devoid of cheap sentimentalism. The movie resembles a kind of ethnographic album, filled with superb photographs presenting the unique ecosystem of Banco Chinchorro – a Mexican region enlisted on the World Heritage List.
The movie is not only a story about relations between people and nature but also a memorable tale about a father’s role and the meaning of fatherhood. The process of forming a delicate but strong bond between 5-year old Natan and Jorge, his father, helps the viewer understand the potential that is hidden in a conscious and mature fatherhood. “Alamar shows us that father/son relationship in a pure form – no external drama (…) just the moments of this father and son together. Just a father and his son” – wrote the critic of

“To the Sea” won many prizes – Tiger Award 2009 at Rotterdam International Film Festival; Jury Award at Miami International Film Festival; Audience Award and Best Film at Morelia International Film Festival; FIPRESCI Award at the Toulouse Latin America Film Festival. Pedro González-Rubio – the director of this film – is a “citizen of the world”. He was born in Brussels, lived in New Delhi of India, studied at a faculty of film in Mexico and at the London Film School. “To the Sea” is his first feature film.